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Manage Risk

Risk Management

Practically every regulatory compliance standard requires an annual risk assessment. Without an annual assessment and a strategic plan to ensure compliance, your business is vulnerable to fines and penalties that jeopardize your clients and revenue.


Input Output reviews your current compliance protocols, identifies and assesses risk, and helps you establish a risk management plan. We can also perform a full business continuity risk assessment and create a business continuity plan. When disaster strikes, your business can continue to operate, retain clients, and recover quicker.


Protect your business and livelihood by assessing your risk and establishing a risk management plan.


Organizational Risk Management

Risk Management to Protect Your Business & Fuel Growth

We have seen changes in government policy, new regulations, and cyberattacks derail businesses, and we have seen business owners fail to establish risk management or business continuity plans and lose clients or go out of business following a fine, penalty, or other misfortune.

Input Output assesses risk, identifies gaps or inefficiencies, and enacts a risk management plan that protects your business. Our experience across several industries allows us to provide solutions that manage risk and improve your bottom line.

That is how we are different.

We work with most of our clients for several years. Whereas other risk management solutions might simply check some boxes and collect their fee, we bridge the gap between information security, regulatory compliance, and business development. Our risk management consultants not only protect your business by managing risk but also make recommendations to further business development and fuel growth.

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Risk Management to Meet Your Needs

Risk Management Solutions for Your Business

Risk Assessment & Gap Assessments

Initially, we conduct a gap assessment to identify present and potential risks. Potential risks may include cybersecurity or information security threats, state and federal regulatory compliance gaps, and more.

Each industry comes with unique risks, so we conduct a thorough risk assessment before moving to the next stage.

Risk Management Planning

Risk mitigation strategies may include implementing new systems, protocols, software, or business structures to minimize and manage risk.

Risk management planning involves intense monitoring and assessment, as best practices are prone to change over time, and threats often adapt to defenses. Common management strategies include:

  • Risk avoidance,


  • Transferring risk to a third party, such as an insurance company


  • Reducing risk to prevent as much damage and profit loss as possible
    Risk-sharing arrangements,


  • Risk acceptance and monitoring, and


  • Our experience allows us to tailor strategies that address what we find in our risk assessment and are most appropriate for your business.

RIsk & Business Continuity

We can perform a business continuity risk assessment and develop a business continuity plan. Our consultants build a protocol to allow your business to continue operating in the event of a penalty, cyberattack, or another event that would otherwise halt operations and endanger your business’s survival.

Your business will be better equipped to retain clients, continue earning revenue, and recover much quicker.

Risk Management By Industry

Input Output Works With Companies In Multiple Industries

We specialize in the following industries:

Auto dealerships
Running a car dealership comes with business risks and regulatory requirements. We can help your dealership navigate these and other enterprise challenges.

Financial firms
Financial firms must manage several areas of risk. These include cybersecurity risks and consumers’ financial data. Financial institutions must also implement fraud prevention strategies. State and federal laws dictate additional regulatory requirements. We help firms assess their risk with respect to these standards.

Hospitals, clinics, and other health care providers must be vigilant in managing risk. Input Output helps health care companies determine where their health care technologies and cybersecurity measures leave them most vulnerable.

Similarly, biomedical companies must protect patient safety and protect their own brand, image, and liability. Whether you are a startup or a seasoned biomedical provider, we can help you minimize your company’s risk exposure.

AI and Software developers

AI and software developers must start managing current regulations and anticipating regulations that could soon be on the horizon. We can help your company assess where your risks might lie—both now and in the future.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Input Output Supports Your Compliance With Multiple Regulations

We Ensure Our Clients Comply With Industry & Government Regulations

As regulations evolve to meet new threats or vulnerabilities, businesses must ensure continued compliance, perform regular risk assessments, and implement risk management plans to minimize risk.


We regularly help companies comply with the following regulations:


HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) compliance

ISO 27001 & 27002

ISO 13485

SOC2 (System and Organizational Controls) compliance

FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program)

CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification )

NIST CSF (Common Security Framework)

NIST 800-171

NIST 800-53

CIS20 (Center for Internet Security Top 20 Security Controls)

GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)

FTC Safeguards Rule

FDA 21 CFR Part 11

FDA 21 CFR Part 820

Our team will identify all regulations your company must satisfy, then organize strategies suitable for your business. Our focus is to have your company meet compliance objectives and build sustainable risk management practices so your business can reach performance goals.

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Input Output develops tailored risk management solutions for your company.

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